When I’m bored of this blog and don’t have time to update it anymore. Ever.

Wheelie turns



Giving an opponent room along the boards…

…just so you can absolutely cream them when they try to get past you:


When Medic Mike gets knocked out of a tournament


When Rookie Eryn placed top ten after starting polo in March

She was like:image

And I was like:


When Shannon’s bike got stolen on Saturday evening

When Jessi offered Shannon the FleetVelo Joust MVP frame:

Ladies Army V

When you’re checking a stupid polo blog instead of hanging out with the rest of the poloverse in Portland, Seattle, Bellingham, and East Van


We’d apologize to our legions of loyal fans, but we have none and we’re not sorry. Regular posts may resume after next weekend. Maybe.

When leagueofbikepolo.com goes offline

When hardcourtbikepolo.org goes offline: